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Water is provided from six deep wells approximately 500 feet deep. These wells pump water to three water treatment plants where the water is disinfected to ensure no organisms are present, fluoride is added to strengthen the teeth of young people, and pH is adjusted to make the water non-corrosive to customers' pipes and tanks.

From the treatment plants, more than 5,000 gallons of water per minute are pumped to the distribution system. Additionally, five elevated water tanks located throughout the system provide 1.1 million gallons of storage capacity and also ensure adequate water pressure to all customers. Additional ground storage tanks bring the system storage capacity to 1,775,000 gallons.

The distribution system is comprised of 150 miles of water mains ranging in size from three-quarters of an inch to 22 inches in diameter which provide water to residents of Fort Valley, as well as many residents of Peach County and some residents of Macon County.

We have one of only 35 certified water testing laboratories recognized by EPD in the State with four certified laboratory operators Three of our five water plant operators have Class I licenses, the highest rating from the State Professional Board.

To sign up for water service call 478-825-7701.

Water Quality Report

The City of Fort Valley is pleased to report to you again this year that the drinking water we supply to you surpasses federal and state mandates for drinking water.

The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) is the primary regulation that ensures the health and safety of the public as they consume our nation's drinking water. The SDWA Amendments of 1996 require water systems to prepare and distribute a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)?otherwise known as an annual Water Quality Report. This report for 2004 is intended to let you, our customer, know how and what we are doing to provide you with healthy drinking water and the quality service you deserve.

We would like for you to understand more about your water system and hope this report answers questions you might have. We welcome your comments and invite you to visit us so we can show you our water pumping and treatment facilities. Our employees are involved in civic organizations and are pleased to offer information and speakers to the community on water protection, water treatment, and water conservation, as well as providing tours of our facilities. For more information about your water or this report, please call our Water Superintendent, at 478-825-7701, extension 217 or the Drinking Water Quality Lab at 478-825-5482.