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Waste Management

The City of Fort Valley Public Works Department is responsible for the daily operation of sanitation services. This department services more than 3,000 residential customers, providing once-a-week collection of garbage, yard waste and bulk items. The monthly charge for residential pickup is $16 and is added to your monthly utility bill. Solid waste collection is also available for commercial businesses.

Residential Garbage

Residential garbage and household trash must be containerized in the provided green rollout carts. Excess garbage may be placed in a separate can or box beside the cart. Your rollout can only be curbside from noon the day before your scheduled pickup to noon the day after your garbage has been collected.

Residential garbage is defined as the byproducts of animal or vegetable foodstuffs, resulting from the handling or preparation of food or other matter which is subject to decomposition, decay, putrefaction or the generation of noxious or offensive gases and odors. Household trash is any waste accumulation of paper, sweepings, dust, rags, bottles, discarded toys and small appliances, cans or similar materials attendant to housekeeping, excluding garbage.

Bulky Household Trash and White Goods

Bulky household trash and white goods such as carpet, appliances, furniture, mattresses, etc., are also picked up on a weekly basis and should be placed alongside the rollout cart. To dispose of refrigerators, remove the freon gas and place a visible label on the appliance stating freon has been removed. If you fail to do this you may be subject to penalties.

Commercial Collection Services

The city provides commercial collection services using front-end loading trucks and dumpsters picked up on a schedule agreed to by the customer and city. Customers are charged an amount determined by the cubic yard size of the dumpster used, and the number of times per week it is serviced. Customers may utilize 4, 6, or 8 yard containers. Call 478-825-2615 for more information.

Resident T-2 $20.00 Cart
Commercial T-3 $20.00 Cart
Commercial T-5 $64.00 1 Day 2yd.
Commercial T-6 $72.00 1 Day 4yd.
Commercial T-7 $114.00 2 Day 4yd.
Commercial T-10 $84.00 1 Day 6yd.
Commercial T-11 $133.00 2 Day 6yd.
Commercial T-12 $184.00 3 Day 6yd.
Commercial T-13 $93.50 1 Day 8yd.
Commercial T-14 $152.00 2 Day 8yd.
Commercial T-15 $210.00 3 Day 8yd.

Dead Animal Removal

The city provides dead animal collection Monday through Friday on an as-needed basis. Call 478-825-2615 to arrange pickup. Animals are collected from the streets. No collections are made on private property. Residents should place a dead animal in a bag and place the bag at curbside.

Bulk Waste Disposal

The City of Fort Valley does not operate a landfill, but bulk waste on a trailer can be dumped at the Public Works Department on South Camellia Blvd. A fee of $24 per ton is accessed. Solid Waste is disposed of in a landfill in Taylor County.

Services Not Provided by the City

The city does not provide roll-off sanitation service for construction or demolition debris. This service is provided by BFI, Waste Management and other commercial companies listed in the Macon telephone book.

The city does not provide curbside recycling. The local recycling effort is operated by the Peach County Clean and Beautiful Commission.

Georgia Comprehensive Solid Waste Act

The Georgia Comprehensive Solid Waste Act requires the City of Fort Valley to develop a strategy for reducing the amount of solid waste going into landfills and other disposal facilities. This reduction may be accomplished by many techniques, including recycling materials such as plastic, aluminum, and newspaper. It can also be accomplished by diverting yard waste from disposal facilities into backyard or other composting operations. Many other methods for reducing our local waste stream are also available. Most of these methods involve your cooperation and effort.

The Act also requires all local governments to disclose to its citizens the full cost of providing solid waste management services. This and other required information is included below.

City of Fort Valley

Beginning Month D, Year and ending Month D, Year
Total Operating Revenues: $925,333.00
Total Program/Operations Revenue: $925,333.00
Total Federal/State Grant Revenue: $-0-
Percentage of Full Costs Covered by Programs/Operations Revenue: 100%
Percentage of Full Costs Covered by Federal/State Grant Revenue: -0-%