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Natural Gas

Natural gas is available to residents of Fort Valley and Roberta as well as areas in Peach and Crawford Counties.

There are approximately 4,000 customer services in the system. The gas is piped from a Southern Natural Gas cross country high pressure gas line located outside Culloden and distributed to customers over 84 miles of mains from 2-6 inches in diameter.

Although the gas is used primarily to heat homes, the system also supports several large industrial and commercial users that use the gas for their production needs. The gas department's customers consume 500 thousand cubic feet of natural gas monthly.

Fixed and interruptible gas rates are offered as well as future hedging for industrial customers.

Four gas operators have Class I certifications and one gas operator has a Class III certification.  The Gas Superintendent is a State Gas Operations and Safety instructor.

To sign up for natural gas service call 478-825-7701.