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Leaf and Limb Collection

The City of Fort Valley offers a weekly curbside leaf and limb collection service to city residents as an environmentally-conscious means for disposing of yard waste. The city collects yard waste in the form of grass, leaves and brush. The city encourages all residents to participate in some form of yard waste reuse, whether it is this program, back yard composting, or the use of a mulching lawn mower.

Yard waste and household garbage are collected on the same day and yard waste is recycled at the city's public works facility. Brush, grass and leaves are all ground to produce mulch which is made available to the residents of Fort Valley and Peach County at no charge.

Leaf and Limb Collection Guidelines

To ensure that your yard waste is picked up, keep these guidelines handy:

  • Items allowed curbside: leaves, straw, hedge, shrub, tree trimmings, grass and other inert materials resulting from general residential yard cleaning.
  • Place yardwaste curbside on regular household collection days.
  • Make sure tree limbs are no larger than six inches in diameter. They can be any length.
  • Stack tree limbs loosely with cut ends toward the street.
  • Keep limb or brush piles no larger than 3x8x3 feet, the equivalent of a small pick-up truckload.
  • When disposing of garden material, remember to shake off the dirt.
  • Do not mix yardwaste with household waste or other items.
  • Remember, leaf and limb crews cannot pick up wood containing nails or metal, bags that weigh more than 50 lbs, logs, firewood, stumps, root balls, debris from major tree removal or land clearing, construction and demolition waste (i.e. windows, flooring, drywall, plywood).

Residents may also drop off yardwaste at the public works department at 612 South Camellia Blvd. after signing in at the office

In addition to its leaf and limb collection program, the City of Fort Valley routinely sweeps, washes and removes debris from streets to prevent sedimentation of drainage structures and prevent unsafe conditions and to provide aesthetic enhancements to public properties.

The City of Fort Valley encourages all its residents to recycle as much yard waste as possible.


Place leaves and grass in a pile on your property. Add water and turn the pile from time to time. After the leaves and grass have decomposed, the finished compost may be worked into the soil as an amendment. This provides nutrients and helps the soil retain moisture.


Simply mow your lawn and let the clippings fall and return nitrogen and other nutrients to your turf. If you mow often there is no need to collect clippings for disposal.

If you have any questions about the information and programs listed above, please contact the City of Fort Valley Public Works Department at 478-825-2615.