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Fort Valley Mainstreet

Fort Valley Mainstreet

Fort Valley MainStreet strives to preserve Fort Valley’s rich heritage and culture and ensure its future as a vibrant center of commerce, development and community activity. It also seeks to revitalize downtown Fort Valley through economic restructuring, cultural tourism and promotional event planning, in concert with public and private sector partners.

The Downtown Development Authority of Fort Valley uses the National MainStreet approach for successful downtown revitalization. Fort Valley is one of only 41 cities in Georgia and approximately 1,500 in the United States to have this designation, which allows us the benefits of state and national technical experience with the continuous process of:

  • Fort Valley Main Street logoLeadership within the community to make ideas become realities.
  • Organization of efforts to help us all work toward the same goals.
  • Technical assistance in Historic Preservation for businesses and homeowners
  • Opportunity to attend annual conferences and seminars on topics relevant to revitalization.
  • Tax deductible membership fee.
  • Fun, by providing opportunities to work with friends and neighbors for the good of the community. 

For more information visit the Fort Valey Mainstreet Website.